Choir Guidelines

Choir etiquette establishes rules that allow members to operate in a harmonious atmosphere.   We’re all here to learn songs and sing them to the best of our ability in a fun, creative and friendly atmosphere. This implies a certain amount of gentle discipline and politeness.

1.  Attendance

We are a community choir and every voice is important.  If you are not able to come to rehearsal, please let us know.  If you are not well, please stay at home to allow you and your beautiful voice to recover and to protect your fellow choir members.

2.  Rehearsal Time

Four simple words: please be on time!  Arriving late can be distracting to the director and other choir members and causes you to miss the warm-up, which is always an important part of each rehearsal.  If you are going to be late, let us know if you can and when you arrive, please try to be as quiet as possible.

We have a 20 minute break during rehearsal; please keep within this time limit for socializing and food so that we have plenty of singing time left.

3.  Strong Scents

Many people have allergies which are aggravated by fragrances so please no perfume or after-shave.

4.  Talking During Rehearsal

Choir  singing  is  a  sociable  pastime  and  choirs  are  full  of  sociable  people!  The camaraderie in a choir is one of the most important aspects.  Feel free to make merry to your heart’s content before and after rehearsal and during breaks.

Please be mindful of how chatter can slow down rehearsal and be distracting to everyone including the choir leader.

5. Practice at home

If you can, please practice songs at home when possible as it will help you to learn them better.  It may be just humming the tune or learning the words by reading them out loud.  It helps to concentrate on the music if the words are familiar and will make rehearsal time more enjoyable.

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