Members Past and Present

 edith Edith Hordijk   22 May 1931 – 19 Jan 2016             5 - scotch thistle

Music played a big part in Edith’s life and many of us had sung with her for over fourteen years.  Edith was extremely disciplined (now there’s a surprise!) and I suspect is the only member of all the choirs she sang with who did her ‘homework’.  Always with recorder in hand at rehearsals, she was conscious of ‘getting it right’.

Edith bopped her way through many a performance but often worried that she was making a fool of herself.   Quite the contrary as she brought great joy to both audience and fellow performer alike.  Some of us discovered our inner ‘bop’ because of her infectious enthusiasm.

The catch cry for the Out of the Shower choir was unofficially ‘Go Gran-ma’.   Called out by a devoted grandchild of Edith’s during our first performance in front an audience way back in 2004, it brought much laughter and all nerves disappeared (well almost).

And go she did – from the poignant concert at Australian War Memorial to the Folk Festival, Tasmanian Festival of Voices, Canberra Torch Relay, and the High Court concerts and all the performances in between, Edith jigged and swayed with the energy of someone half her age.   It did not matter what we songs we sang, she enjoyed them all, no matter how challenging.   The world music songs were her favourites, though, especially the African songs.    Non traditional, primitive and uplifting, often sung at the top of her voice.

Funny, friendly, supportive and wise, Edith was loved by all who sang with her in OOTS, 666 Community Choir, Worldly Goods and Heart and Soul Singers.   She was a founding member of Heart and Soul and put every inch of hers into everything she did.

Our wonderful songbird will be sorely missed.


Olive Jones    23 May 1940 – 31 Mar 2013        Daffodill‘Be Nice’ 

Olive joined the Heart and Soul Singers in 2010 but many of us had known and sung with her since 2005.

A patriotic Welshwoman, she loved singing with gusto all songs but especially ones from her homeland.    Her sense of humour was infectious, and due to her accent and rapid turn of phrase we sometimes needed to ask her to slow down, so we could understand what she was saying!

She adored her large extended family and would regale us with stories, proudly showing   pictures of every event.

Always generous of spirit, Olive was the first to volunteer, made the yummiest Welsh scones and contributed greatly to the camaraderie of our group.   When diagnosed with cancer last year, Olive’s rehearsal attendance did not falter and she continued to enjoying her singing until the last week of her life.

It was a great honour for us to sing Olive’s favourite songs for her family and friends at her funeral, including a song she had taught us.   Olive was a fun loving person who only saw the best in everyone; she was a good friend and a valued songbird – her bright smile, kind heart and sunny disposition will be sorely missed.

And so make life, death, and that vast for-ever

One grand, sweet song

A Farewell

Charles Kingsley

English author, clergyman and educator