The Heart and Soul Singers were established in August 2009 by people who had been singing together for over 5 years with a choir called “Out of the Shower” (OOTS).   OOTS were originally formed in 2004 by the Tuggeranong Art Centre to promote the health benefits of singing for the ‘over 50’s with Moya Simpson and John Shortis being the founding Directors.   The group was modelled on the famous American choir ‘Young at Heart’ and sought to provide socialization, companionship and physical and mental activity through the joy of singing.

Aims & Objectives

The Heart and Soul Singers has continued to operate under that model with the same aims and aspirations.   We are a self-funded, not-for-profit ‘Senior’ community choir.

We have a ‘multi-cultural’ flavour to our repertoire and many our songs are from other cultures, and in languages other than English.

Our group promotes the well established and known health benefits of singing to the wider community, through performances at retirement villages, community groups,  and other like venues.  Our performances are always welcome and well received and we also support Seniors Week and Adult Learners Week by holding ‘Open Rehearsals’ encouraging participants to ‘Find their Voice’.

Benefits of Singing

There have been numerous articles written about singing, and the raising of the standard of living for people who sing, particularly older people. These include:

  • Physical Activity – breathing, lung function, movement, posture
  • Mental Stimulation – exercising the mind and memory
  • Socialization and companionship – increased state of wellbeing
  • Giving back through performance – greater self esteem


We provide a safe and friendly environment where our members can enjoy a little physical activity, find and use their voice and make new friends.   We share a laugh over the customary ‘cuppa’ and meet every Tuesday morning at 10.30 am during the school terms at the Tuggeranong Seniors Centre in Greenway.

Members Past and Present

Click here for information about some of our members.

Directors Past and Present

Click here for information about some of our directors.

Choir Etiquette

Click here for notes of suggested choir etiquette

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